Friday, January 30, 2015


Today I checked my first thing off the list.

Go Snowboarding

Because it's always more fun with a friend, I asked my aunt to join me.  She said she would love to and suggested we do an afternoon at Sundance.  An afternoon sounded great (and cheaper than a whole day) so we made our plans.

After taking the kids over to my mom's, Amy picked me up.  The drive down the canyon was a little discouraging because it was raining. I hoped the rain would turn into snow as we got closer to the resort, but it didn't really. It didn't matter though, we suited up, strapped in, and got on the lift.

The ride up was beautiful and it was so nice to just sit, chat, and look at the beauty around me.   

As we neared the top, I started getting a little nervous. 
 It's been at least 4 years since I have been, so  what if I got to the top and couldn't get back down?   Turns out, snowboarding is like riding a bike.
 I only fell twice.  I did fall pretty good coming off the lift once (only once though, I usually fall every single time) and I'm thinking I might have a nice bruise on my hip tomorrow.
By the last runs I had most of my confidence back and was able to pick up some speed.

It was wet and slushy, but we had fun!   We made plans to go again soon.  (This time to Brighton where there is sure to be powder instead of slush.)